Iimperia wow - Wow private server


Latest Update!

level 100 realm 


- Patch-4 Updated


- Command .honor was removed


- Daily quest for arena points was removed.


- New Item Upgrade Core Was added to the game 


- Reworked gearing System trough the Item Upgrade Core


- Reworked Instances


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New V.I.P Extra system added!

Hello Imperia 


New system for bonus V.I.P System added to the level 100 realm


In this system you can buy the ranks by farming donor tokens of our Doctor Who area 

To see how that system works open Guides then scroll down and click…

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New Paragon System !

Hello everyone!
New update on Patch-4 

A new Paragon System was added to the level 100 realm.

In this system you will notice there are more then just the basic 4 stats.

There are 16 stats in total that you can upgrade up to level 4080


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More cool and sick Transmogs coming up!

- Patch-4 Updated


- New Patch-O Only 23MB


292 New weapon transmogs added with the new patch-O

And more on the way stay tunned for the updates and let's see if we can get your transmog taste.

New Update!!!

- Updated Patch-4.mpq


- New V.I.P System 


    - New buffs


    - New commands use .vip to check them


    - Sponsor mall changed to sponsor instance


    - 6 diferent types of V.I.P items (Rings / Trinkets / Nneckalce and Bags)



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Latest Update!

- Updated Patch-4.mpq


- All new characters will start with starter gear equiped.


- All new character will need only weapons which will be delivered from the starter npc


- New starter npc replacing the leveling npc and gives your class weapons.


- New Mall Guide npc added.


- Imperia-WoW In game chat bot added for communication…

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Adjustments Done

- Updated Patch-4.mpq


- All battlegrounds are functional now just press "H" to join.


- Cross Faction Battlegrounds are active now.


- Adjustments done on Shaman / Paladin / Priest / Warlock / Druid / Mage / Hunter and Warrior.


- All healings were adjusted to suit the hp amount.

Visit "How to connect" to…

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Update Info!

- Updated Patch-4.mpq  .  Check Here for the new patches.

- Updated Patch-5.mpq  .  Check Here for the new patches.

- Updated Patch-7.mpq  .  Check Here for the new patches.

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New mounts!

Here are the latest mounts added to our collection.





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Latest Update

- New updated Patch-4.mpq


- 25 New Mario Kart mounts added.

- 4 New mounts added.

- New tab added to the ingame shop for tokens.


- Added…

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New Core and New Custom Races Update!!!!

The New custom races were added to the newest update of the server 

New World chat is added to the server 


A new improved anticheat has been added the cheat detects dlland lua injections fly speed teleport walclimb nofall and all newly made cheats . It will ban automaticaly anyone who uses any sort of cheats this includes bots and auto clickers.

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