Iimperia wow - Wow private server


Latest Update



- Patch-4 Updated


- Patch-P Updated


- Some adjustments done to the currency tab done


- All currencies were moved into the currency tab


- Fixed an issue with item pricing in the ingame store where caster rings trinkets neckalce and bags 

were double the price of the melee version of the same items


- Adjustments done to the druid items


- Fixed an issue with souls stones not stacking 


- Adjustments done to "Crate Health Stone" and "Create Firestone" these…

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New Anime Transmogs

New anime transmogs were added to the game 

31 custom transmogs were added in this update get our new Patch-F to be able to see all of them








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New Function added and easter event is now open

New Update is here


- New npc was added it will give you extra socket slot to every item you decide to apply it 


- New Gem was added in the crystal vendor for the new slot that you will get of the new npc 


- New Custom Gem token added to the loot table of world boss Zeus with 10% chance and rate of 1-3


- Updated the Drop guide on the website



- Easter Event is now open


- Updated Patch 4 you will need it in order to use the new…

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Latest Update

- Paragon system is now back and working 

- The log in issue was resolved 

- The limited number of accounts logged in at the same time from one ip is removed

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Latest Update!

level 100 realm 


- Patch-4 Updated


- Command .honor was removed


- Daily quest for arena points was removed.


- New Item Upgrade Core Was added to the game 


- Reworked gearing System trough the Item Upgrade Core


- Reworked Instances


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New V.I.P Extra system added!

Hello Imperia 


New system for bonus V.I.P System added to the level 100 realm


In this system you can buy the ranks by farming donor tokens of our Doctor Who area 

To see how that system works open Guides then scroll down and click…

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