level 100 realm 


- Patch-4 Updated


- Command .honor was removed


- Daily quest for arena points was removed.


- New Item Upgrade Core Was added to the game 


- Reworked gearing System trough the Item Upgrade Core


- Reworked Instances


- Reworked Quest for keys required to enter the isntances


- New starter gear


- New starter weapons


- Upgrade area removed due to Item upgrade core been implemented


- New starter guide on the website under page guides from the side menu


- Many currencies removed and replaced by magic gold


- New drop for the Imperial World boss permanent know your place weapons with 2% chance to drop


- Adjustments made on the lucky boxes loots


- Adjustments made on the wings visuals not affecting the whole mall when casted


- Adjustments made on the token exchange npc


- Adjustments made on the Starter guide at the website


Both realms 


- Increased speed on all custom mounts new movement speed is 500% for flying mounts and 300% for ground mounts