The new update is finaly here

- Patch-4 Updated


- New Patch-K Requred for the new Custom items




- End game gear added (Divine Abyss)


  • New Area added (Custom Dungeons/ Divine Abyss)



- 2 new Bosses added to the area Divine Abyss


- 12 New set transmogs added under the tab "Transmogs sets #4" on the Transmog vendors Npc


- 120 New transmog weapons added under the tab "Custom weapon tmogs from diferent expansions #5" on the Transmog vendors Npc


- New token added to the vote store in order to gain the end game items.


- New Function for the magic gold added into the Token Exchange Npc


- New improved UI for quests and all submenus including the item upgrade 

    background been changed no more mixing the items that you cant see 


- New Guide for the end game added 


- New Guide for the new UI added


- Updated Starter Guide 


- New dragon ball z transforms added to the goku vendor for Magic Gold



- New Spell Dark Breath (AOE Spell) added in the spell vendor for Magic Gold