Iimperia wow - Wow private server

Changes made on 2024/04/24
  • Update: all custom mounts will be shared between all your characters in the same account added an aura remover in the mall that will remove all wings visuals due to ppl spamming all of them just to get more hp which is flooding the mall with visuals
  • Update: New one hand custom enchant added for the classes that can't use 2 handed Adjusted the coloring of some zones in the teleporter The custom enchants will be looted on kill of the mobs Increased drop rate for the custom enchant tokens
  • Update: With this update we have moved all divine abyss tokens in the currency tab that way they will not take up space in your bags and the bosses will be looted on kill. Same thing goes for all the Lucky Boxes including the Special V.I.P Box and the Ten Commandments Box as well as the Titans Material box they were all moved in the currency tab and will be looted on kill of the mobs/bosses that drop them. With that change there is a change on the use of these boxes you can check out how to use them now in the updated guide you can find at the guide page
Changes made on 2024/04/12
  • Update: Now you can see the name of the transmogs on other players that way you can know what transmogs they are using and find them on our vendor to transmog your items
  • Update: Added a special Box to the Titans Temple bosses with special drop rates in the item description
Changes made on 2024/04/10
  • text: Updated Guides End game and drop info
  • Update: Divine Abyss gears were adjusted now they will require 1 hammer and 5 tokens of each to get the item and the percentage of dropping the token is increase of 1% to 8%
Changes made on 2024/04/09
  • Update: Adjusted the loot of the titans to 5% drop rate of the old 1% and the rate is not 5-255 instead of 5-25 per boss
  • Update: Divine Abyss token is added to the daily area and the fishing area as well as the website store for 1dp.
Changes made on 2024/04/06
  • Update: New respawn time guide added
Changes made on 2024/04/05
  • Update: Command .bank is back
Changes made on 2024/04/03
  • Update: Updated Farm Info guide
  • Update: Some adjustments done to the currency tab done and All currencies were moved into the currency tab
  • Update: Fixed an issue with item pricing in the ingame store where caster rings trinkets neckalce and bags were double the price of the melee version of the same items
  • Update: Adjustments done to the druid items and Fixed an issue with souls stones not stacking
  • Update: Adjustments done to "Crate Health Stone" and "Create Firestone" these spells didn't had any use due to having low stats and not do much on a high stat server now they are usefull
  • Update: New end game weapons equal to the custom donors as stats having 25
  • Update: New Area and 2 New bosses in the new area
  • Update: Slight adjustments done on the UI of the game
  • Update: New Morpher Npc added to the game it will morph you with custom morphs for a price of magic gold
Changes made on 2024/03/27
  • Update: Patch-4 Updated on the website and the launcher
  • Update: New Patch-K Requred for the new Custom items can be found on the how to connect page and the launcher
  • Update: End game gear added (Divine Abyss)
  • Update: New Area added (Custom Dungeons/ Divine Abyss)
  • Update: 2 new Bosses added to the area Divine Abyss
  • Update: 12 New set transmogs added under the tab "Transmogs sets #4" on the Transmog vendors Npc
  • Update: 120 New transmog weapons added under the tab "Custom weapon tmogs from diferent expansions #5" on the Transmog vendors Npc
  • Update: New token added to the vote store in order to gain the end game items.
  • Update: New Function for the magic gold added into the Token Exchange Npc
  • Update: New improved UI for quests and all submenus including the item upgrade background been changed no more mixing the items that you can't see
  • Update: New Guide for the end game added
  • Update: New Guide for the new UI added
  • Update: Updated Starter Guide
  • Update: New dragon ball z transforms added to the goku vendor for Magic Gold
  • Update: New Spell Dark Breath (AOE Spell) added in the spell vendor for Magic Gold
Changes made on 2024/03/22
  • Update: New guide added to the guides page explaining how lucky boxes and coupons work
Changes made on 2024/03/17
  • Update: New anime transmogs were added to the game 31 custom transmogs were added in this update get our new Patch-F to be able to see all of them
Changes made on 2024/03/16
  • Update: The new Boss area is now open To check the boss drop with rate and amounts check out https://imperia-wow.com/page/farminfo/ All bosses have different rates the higher the boss the higher the drop rate and the amount Once you spawn the boss the boss will stay there for 30 min There are 10 bosses with different level of hardness To Spawn a boss you will have to acquire the Needed amount of Magic gold Keep in mind these bosses are harder then the last world boss Imperial and they don't drop items just high amount of materials
Changes made on 2024/03/09
  • Update: New fishing zone added Increased size of the fishing float New Fishing Token added to the fishing loot in the area New exchange npc added in the fishing area Adjustments made on the collection system Fixed the wrong pricing of the Custom Enchanted Pearl where it was 5000 but was showing as 2500 Fixed the duplicating "Request Token" on the token exchange npc now 1 is "Request token" the second one is the "Legendary Request Token" Updated Patch-4 on the website and the launcher Please make sure you have your Patch-4 updated
  • Update: - Coupons were removed of the token exchange npc To redeem them right click them - Lucky boxes are now openable without splitting the stacks just spam them
Changes made on 2024/03/04
  • Update: Fixed the issue where the new custom gem 40000 to all stats weren't showing Update Patch-4 to get proper visual of the gem Make sure to learn blacksmithing to be able to unlock the slot
Changes made on 2024/03/02
  • Update: New Update is here New npc was added it will give you extra socket slot to every item you decide to apply it New Gem was added in the crystal vendor for the new slot that you will get of the new npc New Custom Gem token added to the loot table of world boss Zeus with 10% chance and rate of 1-3 Updated the Drop guide on the website https://imperia-wow.com/page/farminfo/ Easter Event is now open Updated Patch 4 you will need it in order to use the new functions Update i from https://imperia-wow.com/page/connect ⁠Patch Notes Or use Our Launcher
Changes made on 2024/02/24
  • Update: Changed the playtime reward to Playtime tokens New Playtime Exchange npc was added in the mall next to Goku Vendor You can get various rewards exchanging your Playtime tokens have a look for your self Rates of the Playtime tokens are 1/5/10/15 depending on your luck which row you will get there are 10 rows of each one of the numbers The tokens are currently soulbound and can't be traded this might change in some time to account bound items since the playtime will be based on all characters in the account and not just one
Changes made on 2024/02/17
  • Update: Doctor Who area moved in an instance it still will be using the portal Fixed Deadmines mobs not dropping Magic Gold
Changes made on 2024/02/16
  • Update: Adjusted haste rate on all items Fixed caster gears with shield block on them instead of spell power. Price for vip 2 is 20m from 50m Price for vip 3 is now 100m from 5b Changed the Doctor who npc from quest to direct exchange
Changes made on 2024/02/13
  • Update: more mobs were added to scarlet monastery
Changes made on 2024/02/12
  • Update: Adjusted rates in sponsor instance Added more mobs after the portal in the vip instance1 Some adjustments on the stats of the mobs done Fixed paragon system resets should be prevented in a case of server forced restarts and crashes
Changes made on 2024/02/11
  • Update: new drop rate list was added in the guides https://imperia-wow.com/page/farminfo/ (edited)
  • Update: drop rates in .vip instance1 were increased also the vip boss in .vip instance should now be attackable since it was passive before that
Changes made on 2024/02/10
  • Update: vip 2 moved to token exchange and added vip 3 as well there
Changes made on 2024/02/09
  • Update: there was an adjustment on the melee items they will no longer grant more intelect then the caster ones