Iimperia wow - Wow private server


Latest Update

5 New mounts added


232 buffs can be displayed of the usual 32 now you will see all your buffs


Adjustments done on the report the bug reports


Holy champion of the custom weapons is now constant buff and it doesn't expire


Sponsor berserk is now constant…

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New Custom Enchants!

- Patch-4 Updated


- New Vendor added in Titans Temple now you exchange your excessive tokens 

  for Titans Material Boxes and try your luck to get what you want.


- New vendor added in the mall combining all professions materials


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Latest Update

- Patch-F Updated


- New Paragon Leveling Area added


- New Paragon Level Tokens added to the drop table of the new area


- Adjusted Paragon Level exp rates check the paragon guide for more info


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