5 New mounts added


232 buffs can be displayed of the usual 32 now you will see all your buffs


Adjustments done on the report the bug reports


Holy champion of the custom weapons is now constant buff and it doesn't expire


Sponsor berserk is now constant buff and it doesn't expire


Will of Sartharion was lowered to 10% of 25% due to overcaping the hp


New commands added to open up 1000 lucky boxes at a time check the guide for lucky boxes to get the commands


New paragon token added to the paragon farm mobs that will increase your level with 1 per each token meanwhile the 500 exp token is still there


New max level paragon token added to the webstore store  sets your level to 4080 when you use it


New exchange of 1k magic gold coupons into a 10m magic gold coupon added to the token exchange npc


Updated guides for lucky boxes /drop info/ paragons

check them of this link



Updated Patch 4 make sure to get the new one so u can see the updates properly