Iimperia wow - Wow private server


Guides for Imperia-WoW Realm



Guide What is the guide for ?
This guide explains how to begin your journey how to start farming and where as well as explaining how to upgrade your items and what systems are implemented to help you with that !
This guide explains how to use our launcher and how it works!
This guide explains how our UI works!
This guide shows the respawn times of all world bosses in our realm!
This guide explains how to quickly use lucky boxes and coupons and how they work!
This guide provides information for each material in our realm where to obtain it and about the rates all materials have!
This guide explains how the ingame shop works and how to use it!
This guide explains how the paragon levels work how it works how much stats you get of it and how much exp per each slain!
This guide explains how to transmog your items how to obtain transmogs and how to use the system!
This guide explains what are the 3 hybrid classes we got on our realm how to activate them and what they get as bonus!
This Guide explains how the V.I.P Shop spell of your spell book works how to use it and what you will get of it as well as explaining that is not actual vip rank and it's just a buff system for extra buffs!
This guide explains our end game content how to acheive it and how to farm it as well as what is the end game!