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End Game Gear Guide

Welcome to the End Game if you got her you will need this guide 

First of all to get to the end game items you will need to have the maximum upgrades of the item Upgrade Core aka to appear empty when there are no more items to upgrade

like the pic bellow


Once you got all that upgraded then you will need to use the Teleport stone and select "Custom Dungeons" and then "The Divine Abyss"

Then you will be teleportet to that spot here where you will see a portal at the top of the stairs

Once you go trough the portal you will be teleported to The Divine Abyss


You will see 2 anvils on both sides of you one is for gear upgrading the other is for off sets and waepons uprades



You will also see a boss spawner in the middle of the area

Of this spawner you can disturb the Divine Slumber and call upon the 2 bosses using the special summoning token
The token is obtainable by
1 . Spending 5vp or 1dp on the website store


2 . Exchange 3k Fishing tokens for the token at the fishing area


3 . Purchase the token for 5k Daily Tokens at the daily area vendor

4 . Spend 1m Magic gold at the token exchange npc

You will also find the divine protector aka shield caster which will grant you a divine shield for some Magic gold the shield lasts for 30 sec

Every item has a specific requierments in order to be obtained 
There are melee tokens and caster tokens once you acheive both of these tokens you will be able to obtain the Divines Power


You will need 1 hammer of each boss as well as 1 specific token of each boss

To get informtaion on the drop rates and chances to get your loots check in the Drop Info Guide



Special Imperial Titans Weapons
Once you have upgraded all your items here there is one final part of your upgrades which will be your weapons and for that you have another zone to upgrade your weapons called "Titans Temple"

To get there all you need to do is open your teleport stone and click on "Custom Dungeons" and then "Titans Temple (Endgame Weapons)"
As shown on the picture bellow

Once you teleport to the area it will look like this 

At the bottom of the stairs you will see 2 Npc's 

The one on the right side is the preview vendor you can't buy items of it but you can see what are the stats of the items compared to your own.

The other one on the left is the one that upgrades your items 


In order to Upgrade Your Weapons you will need 10k of each token that the bosses drop in this area 
There are 2 bosses in the area each of them drops diferent tokens which you can check on our drop guide by clicking HERE
As well as these 2 bosses got a respawn time since you can't spawn them on your own as the bosses in the previous area to check what are their respawn times check our Boss Respawn time guide by clicking HERE

The first boss is Hyaperion he has damage reductions and variety of skills in his disposal.


The second boss is Chronus he has damage reductions and variety of skills in his disposal.

They are quite strong bosses since this is the final upgrade you will make on your items and their rates can be found on the drop info table which can be found HERE