Iimperia wow - Wow private server

Donation Policy

Donation policy.

1. Every donation you make is used in the development, distribution and maintenance of the server.

2. No one can in any way oblige or force you to make a donation on the server!!!

2.1 If you have problems from this case, please notify the owner immediately!

3. The donation you make is solely and only at your will and discretion!

4. Moving, exchanging or replacing items that are taken from the donation shop on the site or in-game seller cannot be moved from one character to another. Moving Donation Items or points from one account to another account is also prohibited!

5. The server is not responsible for all your items that you have taken from the site or in the game, in the following cases:

5.1 Purchasing the wrong item.

5.2 Deleting an item by mistake.

5.3 In-Game Loss or Mis-Selling.

6. After the donation, any donation made is used for the benefit of the server and cannot be refunded in any way if the donor wants it back!!!

6.1 The owner has the right at any time to edit or correct the donation panel and the store on the site or the game!

6.1.1 (There is a donation history if the donor wants to receive Compensation during the change in the panel.)

6.1.2 (He automatically agrees to the change even if it is made without his knowledge.)

6.2 The donation can be returned if the donor does not use his donation points on the site and keeps them intact. In this case, the donation will be refunded. Transaction fees will be at his expense.

7. In case of violation of these rules "Section Game Rules" You lose your right as a donor in the game if you get kicked, banned or deleted from the server!

8. As a donor, you automatically agree to the Eternal WoW Server policy and terms.

8.1 Each of the foregoing clauses is governed by and construed solely for the benefit of the server.

8.2 The owner reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice.