Adjusted hp on all classes reduced the 10% buff to 8% stamina per each item

Berserker aura reduced by 15%

New patch 4 uploaded

New patch z added this is the core patch for your weapons now

Experienced buff reduced by 15%

All buffs are without timers now no more expiring buffs

Sayge buffs will no longer disappear in raids

Increased Power Word : Fortitude of 165 to 16500 stamina

Increased Warchief's Blessing giving 100m hp and 1500 haste

Increased Prayer Of Spirit of 80 to 180 spirit

Increased Arcane Intellect of 60 to 600 intellect

Increased Divine Spirit of 80 to 600 spirit

All wings now give 10% hp boost and can't be stacked cuz they have been removed of the spell book to cast the wings you will have to use our wing system and they will no longer be displayed on the buff bar

Tera Wings mounts got boosted of 280% to 500% movement

Added new buffs to the 24 hour play time (10% health and damage) and 1 month play time (20% health and damage) weapons

New Custom Meta gem added in the in-game shop +1200 Critical Strike Rating and 10% Increased Critical Damage.

Adjusted the pricing of the 100k mini spell tokens to be exact multiplicator of the 1000 one

Added new guide on how the wing system works

Please make sure to update your patches before enetering the game