Iimperia wow - Wow private server

WoW Star Membership

Purchasing the token from the store will allow you to complete the quest at the mall for the whole pack which will have a permanent and temporary rewards. Here are the benefits of our 30 day membership pack
) You get a buff stone which will give you access to a special buffs which you can see on the photo That stone is valid for 30 days.
) You get a special teleport stone which will teleport you to a special location with high drop rate of magic gold and a special fishing area limited only for star members. This stone is valid for 30 days.
) Each pack have 1 special item token You need 12 to purchase a special limited items only for star wow members. This item is to keep till you collect 12.
) You get a limited transmog set which will change with every monthly pack. These transmogs sets are collectables they will not be limited by time.

You get all that for olny