- Patch-4 Updated


- Patch-P Updated


- Some adjustments done to the currency tab done


- All currencies were moved into the currency tab


- Fixed an issue with item pricing in the ingame store where caster rings trinkets neckalce and bags 

were double the price of the melee version of the same items


- Adjustments done to the druid items


- Fixed an issue with souls stones not stacking 


- Adjustments done to "Crate Health Stone" and "Create Firestone" these spells didn't had any use 

due to having low stats and not do much on a high stat server now they are usefull


- New end game weapons equal to the custom donors as stats having 25% berserker aura on all of them


- New Area


- 2 New bosses in the new area


- Slight adjustments done on the UI of the game 


- New Morpher Npc added to the game it will morph you with custom morphs for a price of magic gold